Patrick Tsao
1974 51st St., Apt 2E
Brooklyn, NY 11204
Phone: 818 421 4424
e-mail: TMISHA999@AOL.COM

Industry Qualifications
- 7+ years experience as an independent contract graphic artist, designer and filmmaker.
- 6+ years experience using Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign.
- 5+ years experience using 3D rendering applications such as 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, and HASH Animation Master.
- 4+ years experience managing pre-to-post production of independent video products
- 3+ years experience using Macromedia applications such as Dreamweaver and Flash

Skills and Experience
- Familiar with the implementation and management of all steps of 3D, video and short film production, from script, concept and storyboarding, through general production, to effects, post-production and mastering.

- Familiar with all fields of basic 3D production: modeling, animation, texturing, lighting, rendering, and special effects.
Platforms: Discreet 3D Studio MAX, Autodesk Maya, NewTek Lightwave 3D, Mudbox
Relevent Projects:
"Into The Maelstrom" ( - Visual Effects/Animation

- Familiar with traditional artistic drawing techniques, as well as digital inking and coloring.

- Digital graphic arts, matte painting and design
Products: promotional materials, posters, logos, graphic novels, webcomics, CD covers, book covers, teaser images, character design, digital coloration.
Platforms: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, pen and pencil.

Relevent Projects:
3Against1 ( - Logo Design

- Well versed in motion graphics techniques such as animation, rotoscoping, keying, 3d camera, and other special effects.
Platforms: Adobe Aftereffects
Relevent Projects:
"Colin Hearts Kay" ( - Effects Assistant
"07" (

- Familiar with the principles of engaging video editing.
Platforms: Adobe Premiere, Audacity, SoundForge

- Types at approx. 85 WPM (last measurement: July 2009)
- Proficient in all Windows platforms, particularly Windows Vista, 2000 and XP. Some experience using Mac OSX.

Accomplishments and Awards
Best Graphic Design: “07”, 2006 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival
Best Special Effects: “07”, 2006 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival
Visual Effects Panelist, San Diego Comic-Con 2007: “Into The Maelstrom”

MS Digital Imaging and Design (SCPS)
New York University
New York City, NY, USA

BFA Computer Art (Transmedia)
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY, USA

High School
Harvard-Westlake College Preparatory School
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Current Projects
“Xenophobia” RPG Rulebook, commissioned art project
“Hellhound On My Trail” Graphic Novel, personal project
“Royal and Manchester, Cybernet P.I.s” short animated film series, personal project
“Euphoria Inc.” Graphic Novel, personal project
"Adagio" serial webcomic

Peter Sullivan, Brainbucket Ltd.
contractor (818) 915-9276
Akio Katano, Chuckie Anvil
contractor (310) 991-7623
Lars Ingelman,
co-worker and colleague (310) 529-4304
Dylan Moore, Pratt University and Rabid Zombie
co-worker and colleague (315) 403-0770
Sean McDonough, Lonecoon Productions
co-worker and colleague (937) 475-0502
Daniel Erickson
co-worker and colleague(323) 467-7673